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A whole program, wrapped in a paradoxical design, mixing innocent colors, naive statements, tantalizing photos and porn slogans. For teenage girls, the equation is simple: the more they show, the more they earn. Each gift received from a user gives rise to a reward, most often in the form of photos for the sole donor. Visit to give you a taste of this kind of practice!

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Every night of the week, she opens her eyes, a thick layer of mascara after another. In front of the mirror in the bathroom, she prepares herself for her fans. She is "cam-girl". Through a webcam (on her computer), she presents herself live on an online platform and receives money from connected viewers, ready to pay to admire her curves, her smile, her show. She begins to warm, stroking her thighs, crotch until feeling excitement. Big blue eyes on a porcelain face, jeans and white tank top on this girl body, delicate and delicate.

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At night, in her bedroom, she settles in front of a Macbook on her bed. "Nowhere else. It's your intimacy they want. "Floral pillows, sheepskins, white wood: the decor looks more like a New England cottage than a temple of sex online. Behind the indifferent eye of his webcam, fans around the world connect to his chatroom for a show "sexy, sensual, funny: it's called teasing." For them, whatever the setting of the thermostat, it is often in underwear, sometimes in pajamas. Never naked, always made up.

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