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The kind of sex doll that's all the fashion these days

Since the popularization of sex toys, the erotic world is constantly trying to become part of our daily lives. Apart from the many women who currently enjoy it. The manufacturers of sex toys have also considered the case of men. The sex doll is the most prized of them.

The sex doll and its different variants

The concept of sex doll is a concept that has already been proposed in the past centuries. But we had to wait until the 21st century to discover the first model of sex doll. Which was none other than the mythical inflatable doll? A doll that you can easily carry with you when you travel, or store in the closet. It took almost a decade after its appearance, to be able to enjoy a hard model, based on TPE.

The TPE sex doll quickly caught the eye of the public. Knowing that the modelling of its body imitated that of the woman. With practicable orifices, as much the mouth as the vagina and the anus. Without forgetting that the latter also had a very realistic clitoris. After the TPE comes the silicone doll. The most recommended of the moment, because of its realistic design and its various features. Note that it is now available in male, female and trans versions.

What's new to try with a silicone sex doll

A silicone sex doll is currently the ultimate type of adult doll. Recognized as the best of the current erotic toys. This doll is available to both amateurs and pornstars. Its sensual body encourages you to make love at any time, without any taboo. It gives you free rein to perform sodomy or double penetration. While enjoying its multi-speed vibration modes that will make you discover new sensations.

Available in female version, with a male sex or in shemale version. You can therefore use your model to offer you an excellent stimulation of the clitoris. Just as you can have a perfect prostate stimulator.



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